New event

Come to a Live Demonstration and Presentation of the scientific research on the effects of the Transcendental Meditation program on coherent brain functioning:

Monday, March 23rd 2009
at 7 PM

Central Kings Rural High.
6125 Hwy 1, Cambridge, Nova Scotia

Wednesday, March 25th 2009
at 10 AM

Northumberland College, 5th Floor,
1888 Brunswick Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Seating is limited, so please make reservations by contacting Richard Hennigar at (902) 582 3044 or e mailing

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Fred Travis

"If the purpose of higher education is to enable an individual to think and act successfully, then education is significant only when it enlivens the whole brain. Therefore, the level of integrated brain functioning is a reliable gauge of the success of a student’s educational experience."

Dr. Fred Travis, Director of the Center for Brain, Consciousness and Cognition

Dr. Travis is one of the nation's most widely published researcher on Transcendental Meditation and brain functioning. His studies have appeared in Biological Psychology, Psychophysiology, Consciousness and Cognition, and International Journal of Psychophysiology, Journal of Psychophysiology, and Psychosomatic Medicine.

Dr. Guy-Paul Gagné

"When patients come into my office they are not looking for alternative care. They are looking for mainstream, scientifically proven medical care. And that's what I give them when I prescribe TM. It works."

Dr. Guy-Paul Gagné, MD, FRCSC, Director of Health, GCWP, Canada

The Transcendental Meditation program® is internationally recognized and the most frequently prescribed meditation practice because it is the technique that has been studied the most, and the most rigorously, in randomized controlled trials. TM is highly protocolized and standardized. The results are therefore highly reproducible and applicable in a great variety of clinical setting for prevention, rehabilitation or treatment.

Watch a video showing a live demonstration of brain wave coherence during the practice of the TM technique, click here.