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Webcast Replay - David Lynch Weekend Nov 13 - 15

Hosted by a truly progressive university with faculty and students working in cutting-edge peace and sustainability practices, the David Lynch Change Begins Within Weekend is not only an opportunity to hear the three-time Oscar nominated filmmaker speak, but for attendees to take part in a greater conversation about the creative process, alternative education and ways to live a better life.

During the Nov. 13 to 15 weekend, Maharishi University will host both the David Lynch Weekend and a special visitors weekend for students interested in attending the University. Some of the sessions of the DLW may overlap with the visitors' weekend.

National Summit on Children's Health and Education

National Summit on Children's Health and Education:

Thursday, October 16, 2008
12:45 - 3 p.m. US ET
New York City, U.S.A.

To view replay of the webcast, please visit:

Maharishi School, Melbourne, Australia

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"I warmly invite all families to come and experience Maharishi School in action. Interacting each day with students and teachers who are lively and enthusiastic, who work in a friendly and harmonious way - giving their full attention to each activity - fulfils my aspirations as both a teacher and a parent. At this school, learning ability, receptivity, intelligence and creativity all develop significantly, regardless of the student's background or gender.

"Our teaching staff are required to undergo additional training throughout the year in Consciousness-Based Education. This brings them to a very high level of both practical and values knowledge ensuring that all our children are treated with respect and kindness, at the same time given sufficient guidance by both example and understanding.

"We have currently five full time teaching staff as well as seven specialist part-time staff teaching the following subjects: Drama, Music, Italian, Science, IT, Ayurved and Sanskrit"

Maharishi School, West Lancashire, England

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Maharishi School pupils have gained gained many top place medals in the UK Mathematics Challenge (out of over 200 000 entries), come first in the Salters’ Festivals of Chemistry at Manchester University and won many national poetry prizes.

Many Maharishi School pupils have won national poetry prizes and gained membership of the National Association of Gifted and Talented Youth.

Since Maharishi School started entering pupils for GCSE examinations in 1990, the following cumulative figures are particularly noteworthy. The percentage of GCSE passes at grades A or A* at Maharishi School since 1990 is 39.1%, while nationally the figure is 14% over the same period (for all those years when national figures are available.)

Maharishi University of Management

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The 272-acre MUM campus is located in Fairfield, Iowa, in the central USA. This friendly campus community has students from more than 60 countries — comprising many cultures and religions — living and learning together as a world family.
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